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Feather & Flint’s Top Posts of 2017: Here’s What You Might Have Missed

Hi there! In 2017, Feather & Flint published 30 new blog posts–a total of 54,111 words! In this whirlwind of a year, I wrote about so many topics that are near and dear to my heart, and it meant the world to me to have all of you along for the journey, sharing your opinions…

On Wishing I Were Someone Else: My Struggle with Toxic Perfectionism & Self-Acceptance

Who else has been swimming in a sea of nostalgia this week thanks to your Spotify Time Capsule playlist? In case you hadn’t heard: Spotify now has the ability to predict the songs that you listened to in high school–with breathtaking accuracy. As soon as I hit ‘play’ on my personalized playlist, I was hit…

Why I Marched, in Spite of Anxiety—and What’s Next

· Featured on Thrive Global: http://bit.ly/2kvx2aT ·

On Wednesday night, I texted three friends: “You’re going to a march on Saturday, right? Are you feeling anxious? How are you dealing with that?” I was sitting on my kitchen floor with a cup of chamomile tea, holding back tears and taking deep breaths. My screen lit up with incoming messages. “I know exactly how you…